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Candidates for PENNCREST School Board
Primary Election
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May 16, 2023

About Us

Candidate Platform

Ensure the success of all 2550+ students
Spend tax revenue responsibly
Invest and update Cambridge Springs schools
Increase K-12 academic performance
Treat all students, faculty and communities with respect

Our Candidates

Are educators, engineers, social workers, and youth service providers
Believe a reputable school board will foster and support reputable schools
Believe our school is an investment into our community and our future
Believe in civil discourse as a model for our students and our communities
Believe in fiscal responsibility
Believe in supporting our students, staff, and parents
Desire a Better PENNCREST.

MeET OUR Candidates

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Allison Beers

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Tim Brown

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Tiffany Donor

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David McWright

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Scott Stallings

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Randy Styborski

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Support Our Cause


We need your help as we endeavor to elect quality individuals to the PENNCREST School Board. Your donation will help us purchase yard signs, banners and buttons — because our students deserve better. Your donation will help us spread the word — because our taxpayers deserve better. Your donation will help us pay for postage — because our community deserves better.


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