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We are exceptionally proud of the integrity our candidates showed throughout this campaign and the amount of support we received across the PENNCREST community. We are obviously disappointed in the results of the election, but we know that Tim, Randy, and Allison will continue to do the good work for our students and our district — and Tiff, David, and Scott will be right there to support them. We also applaud Neil on his strong showing and thank him for all his help along the way.

Our work here isn’t done.

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Candidates for PENNCREST School Board
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Professional headshots of six school board candidates — Allison Beers, Tim Brown, Tiffany Donor, David McWright, Scott Stallings, and Randy Styborski.
Collecting supplies for our schools and their students.
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Sprucing up our communities.
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A large group of volunteers standing in front of newly painted blue and white high school fieldhouse.
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Sensible people having sensible discussions

We are a group of local concerned citizens with diverse viewpoints but a shared commitment to the PENNCREST School District. Our unity lies in advocating for an accessible curriculum, opposing CRT and maintaining a common sense budget to ensure fiscal responsibility. We believe in community engagement and propose creating advisory groups to foster collaboration and gather valuable insights. Together, we aim to highlight the district's strengths, attracting prospective families and businesses to our thriving community. Join us in shaping a brighter future for our students and promoting PENNCREST.

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NOVEMBER 7, 2023
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We need your help as we endeavor to elect quality individuals to the PENNCREST School Board. Your donation will help us purchase yard signs, banners and buttons — because our students deserve better. Your donation will help us spread the word — because our taxpayers deserve better. Your donation will help us pay for postage — because our community deserves better.



Join the Better PENNCREST candidates as they support our communities and schools. Email betterpenncrest@gmail.com for volunteer opportunities.

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If you are interested in joining forces with our coalition, please email betterpenncrest@gmail.com.

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