Accessible Curriculum

As candidates for the school board, we firmly believe in the importance of transparency and parental involvement in education. We believe that parents should have access to curriculum information to better understand what their children are learning and actively participate in their educational journey. Therefore, we propose the following measures to ensure transparency and empower parents:

  1. Accessible Curriculum Information: We advocate for posting grade level and subject unit plans on the district website. This will provide parents with a comprehensive overview of what their children will be learning throughout the academic year. By having access to curriculum information, parents can engage in meaningful discussions with their children, offer support, and align their efforts with the school's educational objectives.
  2. Understanding the Pennsylvania School Code: Title 22, Chapter 4.4 of the Pennsylvania school code guarantees the rights of parents to be actively involved in their child's education. It emphasizes the importance of parental engagement and the dissemination of curriculum information. As a member of the school board, we will uphold and promote these rights to ensure that parents are well-informed and have a voice in their child's educational experience.
  3. Parent-Teacher Collaboration: We strongly believe in fostering a collaborative environment between parents and teachers. By providing access to curriculum information, we can encourage open lines of communication between educators and parents. This collaboration will enable parents to actively support their child's learning at home, reinforce classroom concepts, and address any concerns or questions they may have.

As always, we feel if there is ever an issue with curriculum, assessment, or any other needs of your student, please contact your child’s teacher or school administrator. Our helpful staff would welcome any opportunity to have parents involved.

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