Community Advisory Groups

In our school board campaign, we recognize the importance of engaging our community and harnessing their expertise to address some of the most pressing issues facing the PENNCREST school district. We propose the creation of Community Advisory Groups that will serve as valuable resources and partners in navigating challenges related to transportation, school capacity, declining enrollment, sports and extracurricular activities, and property use.

  1. Transportation Advisory Group: We believe in actively involving community members, parents, and transportation experts in discussions about transportation policies, bus routes, safety measures, and efficiency enhancements. This advisory group will provide valuable insights, help identify potential improvements, and ensure that transportation decisions are made with the best interests of our students in mind.
  2. School Capacity Advisory Group: With declining or fluctuating enrollment, it is crucial to have a community advisory group that can assist in analyzing school capacity, recommending adjustments, and exploring innovative solutions to optimize our existing facilities. This group will collaborate with school administrators, architects, and community members to make informed decisions about school consolidation, reconfiguration, or expansion, while considering the needs and preferences of the community.
  3. Enrollment Advisory Group: To address declining enrollment and its impact on educational programs, funding, and staffing, we propose the establishment of an enrollment advisory group. This group will engage parents, community members, and experts to explore strategies for student retention, marketing campaigns, and partnerships with local organizations or businesses to attract and retain families in our district.
  4. Sports and Extracurricular Advisory Group: Recognizing the value of sports, art and music, and extracurricular activities in fostering student engagement, personal growth, and well-rounded development, we will create an advisory group comprising coaches, parents, and community members. This group will collaborate with school administrators to address budgetary constraints, facility usage, program offerings, and community engagement opportunities to enhance the overall sports and extracurricular experience for our students.
  5. Property Use Advisory Group: We understand that effective utilization of district-owned properties is vital for optimizing resources and generating revenue. The property use advisory group will consist of community members, real estate professionals, and local business leaders who will help assess the potential for leasing, joint ventures, or other creative approaches to maximize the value of district properties while aligning with community needs and priorities.

By establishing these community advisory groups, we aim to foster transparency, collaboration, and shared decision-making. These groups will bring diverse perspectives and expertise to the table, allowing us to make informed choices that reflect the values and aspirations of our community. Together, we can address the most pressing challenges facing our school district and ensure a bright future for our students.

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